Saturday, June 2, 2012


Finally got my log in for CNK. Whilst reading the info page about SYN2010, I came across the phrase, tři po sobě jdoucí časová období. Context suggests it means consecutive for which I guess I have used následný. 

More interesting however, is the word jdoucí which I never use. It declines as normal adjective ending í.
It has 422 hits in CNK. 

The TAGSET uses the poziční systém which is detailed here. It is similar to the one I knew all those years ago used by the Retrogradní slovník.

Even though there are only 8 word forms of the 422 joudcí hits, there are 41 different tags employed, 17 being used between 11 and 40 times each.

224 are followed by prepos up to 3 to the right: typical going prepos. 

Only 4x jdoucí po sobě. e.g. ... které obsahují obě slova jdoucí po sobě.

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