Monday, February 13, 2012

to přestává všechno

I'd have said that I've never seen this phrase before. It means something like the "last straw" expression in English. But it's in my diary (20 yrs ago). However, I don't recall ever hearing it.

In the CZES corpus it doesn't occur at all; in the CzTenTen2 corpus, a mere 12 times. In a corpus of 3.2 billion (sic) words, this is a pretty poor showing. The phrase proti gustu žádný dišputát
occurs 1,994 in the same corpus, for the sake of comparison. It means something like there is no accounting for taste.

So how did it get into my learning diary of 1992?

I'll report back when I've contacted some native speakers.

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  1. After writing this, I spoke Jarmila, and she confirmed that the phrase is indeed alive and well. It is probably under-represented in the corpora because the environments in which it is used don't get much coverage in corpora.